Lokalized Hyperthermia
Medical Team
Consulting Hours
Consulting Hours
If you are not yet registered as a patient, please get in touch with us via email (praxis_dr_kilarski@yahoo.de) with a brief description of your medical history, relevant medical records etc.

I am available on the phone for registered patients and to make appointments, from Monday to Friday between 10-18h. Thank you for not calling on weekends or during bank holidays.

Phone.: +49 05971/ 984606

Blood collection, blood pressure measurements, injections and other laboratory services can also be performed ad hoc regardless of appointments, during official opening hours.

Special Service:

My practice is an appointment practice, and appointments can be made under the abovementioned phone number. Please comply with the appointment's time, in order to ensure smooth running of the practice especially in your own interest.

Should you be unable to come to a given appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible. Thank you!