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Human, what are you really missing?

While we still take in the four types of basic foodstuffs (meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, diary products, grains and cereals) with our 'modern' diet, our eating habits have radically changed: The consumption of sugar as an energy supplier has sharply increased. Fat intake has doubled and in addition the fat of today's domestic animals contains far less valuable unsaturated fatty acids. Our consumption of sodium salt is too high, while calcium, potassium and magnesium salts are underrepresented in our diet. Moreover, our intake of vitamins (especially C, E and folic acid) is much lower than it used to be. Today, food commonly found in the supermarket often contain too much sugar, salt and fat. Ready-meals commonly lack important micronutrients due to industrial production. In addition, personal dietary sins, such as fastfood, extreme diets, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine consumption further complicate the picture.

However, the body needs all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in sufficient quantities in order for our metabolism and all vital organs to function properly. An optimal supply of these substances enables the body the to combat diseases on its own. Since our food can no longer offer an adequate supply, special food supplements can help us to fill gaps in our diets.

With the so-called micro-test method, one can detect which nutrients, minerals and vitamins are missing. In this method, a fine and dynamic measuring current is applied, similarly to EEG and ECG. The patient takes a so-called hand probe in one hand, while a current is run through the thumb of the other hand. This thumb reflex is recognized as the pituitary gland reflex by conventional medicine. With the procen micro-test method, illnesses, specific diseased organs or the presence of toxins can be elucidated. Furthermore, it can be worked out which medications may be needed by the body. The mico-test is internationally used for health counseling in surgeries, by health practitioners,  as well as in pharmacies.

Treatment priorities:

   * Lokalized Hyperthermia
  * Full-body hyperthermia in cooperation with the hyperthermia day-clinic Bochum
  * Biological-holisitc cancer therapy (also mistletoe and enzyme therapy)
  * Cancer treatment after Dr. Simontini
  * Immunotherapy (thymus, ozone-oxygen)
  * GI tract renovation
  * Allergy therapy (e.g. with bioelectrical acupuncture procedures and/or homeopathy)
  * Biological treatment of arthritis and rheumatism
  * Diet and nutrition counseling
  * Regeneration and strengthening regimes (e.g. orthomolecular therapy, high doses of vitamins, high-dose
  * vitamin C infusions, Aslan therapy)
  * Wiedemann-cell therapy
  * Diagnosis and treatment of amalgam poisoning or environmental toxins
  * Interference field diagnosis and therapy
  * Ozone and oxygen therapy for impaired circulation
  * Acupuncture diagnostics after Voll
  * Chronic gastrointestinal disorders
  * Chroic recurrent infections
  * Anti-aging program, biolifting for men and women
  * Neurological disorders (depression, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease treatment)
  * Chelating therapy
  * Own blood and urine therapy
  * Cupping

In addition to all standard laboratory tests, we also provide specialised diagnostic tests for the immune system and mineral content of the cell,as well as „bioresonanz” diagnostics. All modern diagnostic measures can be performed in the nearby hosptial on an outpatient basis. Consultations with competent colleagues in all disciplines are possible at any time.

The choice of therapy is very individual, adapted to each patient and personally discussed.